Offer our customers the chance to create their own living room where beauty, comfort, harmony, quality and design are mixed to suit individual tastes. Provide tailor made “interior designer” service as a brand experience.


We are a high end market leader. We are the brand for those customers who love Italian style and design made in Italy, who search for quality materials, craftsmanship and comfort.


Italian manufacturing
Style Innovator
Versatility of design
Fully co-ordinated front rooms
Order customization
Comfort specialist
Leather leadership and expertise
Pioneer in colour leather sofas


Natuzzi was the first furniture manufacturer to change the way of selling sofas. The first single-brand leather sofa store was opened in Apulia in 1990. This allowed customers to “physically” try the collection items. It was then that Natuzzi started its branded experience, which today boasts a 92% fame rate1.

Natuzzi was also the first to create a franchising network in its market. Today Natuzzi boasts 295 Stores, among which 9 Flagship Stores, 429 Galleries and 18 Concessions in 123 countries.

Natuzzi stores can be found in different formats and locations accomplishing local trade set up, city centres, main international shopping centres, retail parks, furniture destinations with an average display area of 600 sqm.

Natuzzi galleries are shops in a shop format. They can be found in the major Department Stores or in the multi-brand Furniture Stores with an average 200 sqm display area.

They are accurately designed by the Centro Stile of the Group with the aim to be welcoming, and to make the shopping experience with us unique to customers all around the world. All the stores manage to convey the Italian quality and style concept.

1(Source: Eurisko, 2007)


The distinctive features of the Natuzzi Collection are the harmonious blend of its shapes, colours and materials.

Natuzzi Collection is completely designed and created in the company's Centro Stile with the aim to satisfy the needs of our worldwide customers. The collection includes a wide range of armchairs, two and three seat sofas, sofabeds, sectional and space saving sofas, sofas with removable coverings and recliner chairs, all with different sizes and designed to fit with all living rooms and lifestyles. A wide range of coverings from leather to fabric. Each covering is the result of continuous research, stylistic innovations and rigorous quality tests which guarantee high quality and exclusive features.

Natuzzi leathers are processed in the company's tanneries in order to guarantee the maximum quality and value. From natural and elegant to durable and functional, Natuzzi leathers satisfy different usage, style and budget needs. The diversified fabric collection, from the most practical to the most precious, is always fashion designed, with brilliant colours and easy to maintain.

The Natuzzi collection is enriched by furnishing accessories, dining room furniture, tables, chairs and accessories, all harmoniously coordinated with each other. A collection which gives infinite solutions: over 2 million combinations for creating stylish and unique living rooms. Each collection is created to make design and quality affordable.


Natuzzi has a dedicated Retail Design department, which is exclusively involved in designing the layout of each point of sale to replicate the Natuzzi Concept all over the world.

The Natuzzi Concept has been designed to enable customers to enjoy a pleasurable shopping experience.
Attention to detail is paramount: from architectural elements to communication tools, from product display on the floor to the welcoming area. All is aimed at conveying Brand Values.

The concept has been designed to create a path that leads customers to the room sets. Each set is furnished with sofas, furnishing items and accessories to make the area a perfectly harmonious living room.
Inside the showroom several communication tools help customers to feel and taste the Natuzzi Style and the unique essence of the brand.

The Natuzzi Concept has been structured into 4 basic elements:
1. Fit out services (with special reference to gypsum wall, ceilings, paintings)
2. Natuzzi Display System, which involves any architectural element from light spots to floors, from ornamental pictures to office furnishing items, from accessory display elements to dividers.
3. Point of Promotion and in-store media tools
4. Outdoor Brand signage

All stores need to comply with the Natuzzi Concept; a dedicated team of category managers select a product mix according to individual markets and customer needs always achieve the brand identity.


Sales assistants are specially trained to ensure they are able to personally advise and assist customers with their individual design requirements.

They are provided with design software which allows them to visualize the several solutions available.

Stores are periodically provided with communication and merchandising tools (e.g. price labels on each product, coverings and functions brochures, catalogues and price lists) to support sales assistants in the sale process.

Natuzzi Retail Competence centre and Retail Design have produced comprehensive Operations Manuals, which can be of great assistance for partners enabling them to run their business easily and proficiently.

The Store Operations Manual outlines the methods and practices to be applied in order to improve the different aspects of the shopping experience.

Visual Merchandising book: the Store Management Worldwide sets standards that align the store according to Natuzzi guidelines.



With over 50 years of experience, Natuzzi is the Italian leading furniture company and world leader in leather sofas. It is also the only Italian furniture manufacturer that can boast worldwide distribution.

The mission of Natuzzi Group is to create value with integrity for customers, employees and shareholders.
Integrity means acting honestly, frankly and transparently with respect for other people. This implies full compliance with the law and a strong sense of responsibility towards the Company and all the people involved. It is for this reason that we have created a Code of Ethics, a real framework for all those who work with Natuzzi.

In 1993, Natuzzi became the only foreign furniture company to be listed on NYSE.

Stores represent Natuzzi corporate image and convey the brand identity to the market. As a result, it is crucial for Natuzzi to focus its attention on its own stores (single-brand stores) and galleries (in-store Natuzzi shops in major Department Store chains) all over the world as well as to make considerable and growing investments in this area. Indeed, Natuzzi is far from seeing the store as merely the last stage in the delivery chain; it is a key partner in monitoring the evolution of customer preferences in a process of mutual and positive guidance.
Dealership agreements ensure our partners' exclusive distribution in the reference area.
Natuzzi store network is therefore a dynamic and evolving system for successful business as well as a strategic tool to bring Natuzzi image to the world. Hence, the network is in constant motion and reflects the Group's ongoing positioning process towards the high end of the world market in terms of customer tastes and style.
The Real Estate department provides competent support, advising partners when searching best locations for new stores; preliminary surveys, competitive and geo-marketing analyses as well as sustainability plans are carried out for both stores and galleries.

The Retail Design department provides a complete service: preliminary projects, branding proposals, definition of product collections and final projects, all to be shared with franchisees. They manage the site, if needed, provide a short list of best shop-fitters and finally check stores and galleries before opening.
The opening process on average requires 15 weeks for stores and 13 for galleries as of the approval of the location.

Natuzzi invests in significant initiatives to maximize the value of training and knowledge transfer to franchisees and their staff. Natuzzi University was founded in Italy and in the major regions to train franchisees, sales people, store managers as well as in-house personnel.

At Natuzzi Headquarters a dedicated marketing team provides partners with full assistance during pre and post sales phases in order to solve all the issues that may arise.


Attitude to partnership and firm ethical values
Unquestionable personal standards: excellence, honesty, integrity, motivation,
Energy, hands-on approach, good organization and efficiency
Entrepreneurial attitude, creativity and ability to make sound business decisions
Compliance with obligations under dealership agreement
Ability to successfully execute franchise operational procedures
Compliance with franchisor's commercial strategy
Exclusiveness of geographical area
Excellent credit and ability to meet initial investment required
Obligation to follow development of concept and know-how
Furnishing know how
Long term loyalty
Managerial skills
Healthy financial condition


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